My Deal Maker

My Deal Maker is a new program dedicated to connecting the insurance industry in as many ways as possible. We are looking to engage on a program of connecting insurance comparison sites, with insurance brokers and direct insurers to pass insane deals and savings onto the consumer. At My Deal Maker, we believe that deals are made everytime you shop – and that’s why we are using a unique set of criteria to ensure that every consumer, regardless of city, age or driving experience is able to snap up an incredible insurance deal.

Our dynamic network of sponsors and partners, drawn from the international business community and technology sector, promotes the development of ideas and the exchange of valuable experiences through exclusive insurance deal brokering..

My Deal Maker has the backing of the insurance industry and commerce, the Regional Development Agency and universities, all committed to working together to open doors to raising initial funding through to multi-million pound deals.

We are the experts in our field, passionate about insurance deals, and brokering insurance related investments for consumers and businesses and helping them make the most of their business opportunities. We’ve worked with many clients over the years, and would be happy to recommend companies to consumers. For example, we recommend that our visitors always use a reputable insurance broker when taking out an insurance policy. Pick an insurance broker who has delivered excellence, such as They have been proven time and time again with their motor trading policies for insurance!

My Deal Maker is about connecting people: sharing, collaborating and achieving more together than they can alone. MyDealMaker is the insurance industries new online portal where consumers can find the perfect insurance deal for their needs.


Wednesday 21 June 2017 will see our first annual insurance related event taking place.

Insurance companies may take part in the annual event, and it could be considered a seminar or a meeting whereby insurers can directly connect with consumers and explain the pros and cons of each insurance deal that is brokered through the up and coming My Deal Maker platform.

In addition to the eighty-eight businesses in attendance of the first My Deal Maker conference, another six companies will exhibit in the breakout area.